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Technological applications

Recent advances in direct and real time visualization of spin-crossover transition significantly modified the vision we have on these materials and similar molecule based systems undergoing first-order phase transitions. New physical characterizations of these materials using structural, optical, magnetic and near -field techniques are now possible at micro- and nanometer scales and some of them can even allow 3D visualization of the sample behavior within the volumes. Investigating the evolution of systems such as switchable (molecular or covalent) solids submitted to thermal cycling or to light irradiation is also of great interest from the point of view of technological applications.

New chemical strategies

On the other hand, new chemical strategies offered in new recent processing methods and chemical engineering gave the chance to design very accurately switchable nanoparticles and well controlled thin films that open a new route of studies on low dimensional switchable materials. The effect of reduction of size in switchable materials is indeed a new opportunity that offers a possible control of the thermal hysteresis loop by the realization of reversible and reproducible thermo-switching, leading to study the fatigue phenomenon of these materials.

The exploration of the relation between microscopic structure and macroscopic properties are creating new demands in terms of analysis (structure, optics…) and modeling. The development and the spreading out of reliable and effective techniques and the efficiency of the recent models combined to the increase of computational power are leading now to serious advances in the understanding of some of the fundamental aspects governing the reversible switching in the large variety of switchable materials and systems under study.

The conference

The proposed conference aims at gathering experts in the visualization of first-order transitions on switchable single crystals, physicists, chemists who have the expertise of the synthesis and the design of new switchable solids with new properties and theoreticians, in order to exchange experiences and debate in those different fields and improve the quality of the final results that can be obtained.

PDSTM 2012 is the fourth international workshop of a series initiated by PDSTM-2006 in Tokyo, and then in Bordeaux (2008), Tsukuba (2010). PDSTM meetings are recognized and characterized by the intense and frank scientific exchanges in a very friendly atmosphere that will be kept in the present workshop.

Pr. Kamel Boukheddaden
Prof. Shin-ichi Ohkoshi

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