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Temporary program

22th May (Tuesday)

9:45-10:00 Registration

10 :00-10:10 K. Boukheddaden, Opening remarks

Chair : A. Hauser

10:10-10:50 D.R. Talham, Effects of CTIST in heterostructures of Prussian Blue Analogues
10:50-11:30 S. Ohkoshi, New phase-induced phase transition phenomena on cyano-bridged bimetal assemblies and metal oxide-based nanomaterials

11:30-11:50 Coffee Break

Chair : N. Kojima

11:50-12:30 E. Coronado, Spin switching in molecules, nanoparticles and crystals
12:30-13:10 Y.Moritomo, Photo-induced phase transition and other topics in Prussian blue analogues

13 :10-14:30 Lunch

Chair : E. Coronado

14:30-15:10 F.Varret, Visualization and quantitative analysis of spatiotemporal behavior in a first-order thermal spin transitions
15:10-15:35 A. Slimani, Investigation of bi-Phasic States inside the Thermal Hysteresis Loop of a Spin Crossover Single Crystal: Optical Microscope Observations and Electro-Elastic Simulations
15:35-16:00 M. Lopes, Spatio-Temporal Imaging of the spin transition dynamics

16:00-16:15 Coffee Break

Chair : S. Miyashita

16:15-16:55 E. Freysz, Study of the ultrafast high spin state ↔ low spin state photo-switching of isolated iron (II) spin crossover complexes
16:55-17:35 E.Collet, Out-of-equilibrium dynamics and ultrafast spin-state photoswitching in the solid state

23h May (Wednesday)

Chair : J.F. Létard

9:00-9:40 N.Kojima, Dynamical spin crossover phenomena based on photon-spin-charge coupled system
9:40-10:05 R.Tanasa, Kinetic thermal hysteresis in spin transition compounds
10:05-10 :45 M. Nishino, Macroscopic nucleation and dynamical features caused by spin and lattice degrees of freedom in spin crossover systems

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

Chair : F. Varret

11:15-11:55 S.Miyashita, Effects of range interaction on the elastic model of the spin-crossover materials
11:55-12:35 C. Enachescu, The mechanoelastic model for spin transition materials: challenges and perspectives
12:35-13:00 S.F Matar, Multiscale ab inition studies of inorganic molecular complexes

13 :15-14:30 Lunch

Chair : S. Ohkoshi

14:30-15 :10 A. Hauser, Persitent bidirectional optical spin state switching in the 2D high-spi polymer {[Fe(bbtr)3](BF4)2}∞
15:10-15:35 T. Suemoto, Dynamics of photoinduced phase transitions in RbMn[Fe(CN)6] studied by CN vibration spectroscopy
15:35-16:00 R. Bertoni, Ultrafast Photo Switching in spin transition molecular crystals cooperative response and nanoscale

16:15-16:30 Coffee Break

Chair : D.R. Talham

16:30-17:10 H. Tokoro, Photomagnetism in a Co-W bimetal assembly containing two types of organic ligands
17:10-17:35 Laure Catala, Switchable coordination nanoparticles

17:35-19:00 Poster

19:00-20:00 Diner

24th May (Thursday)

Chair : E. Collet

9:00-9:40 S. Pillet, Multimetastability, photo-and thermal-trapping of a metastable commensurate superstructure in the two-step spin crossover material [Fe(bapbpy)(NCS)2]
9:40-10:05 M. Itoi, Intrinsic structural decay of metastable states in photo-switchable molecular magnets K0,32Co[Fe(CN)6]0,77.3,6H2O
10:05-10:30 I. Maurin, Multiferroic-like heterostructures based on molecular magnets
10:30-10:55 G. Chastanet, When Stable and Metastable HS States Meet in Spin-Crossover Compounds

10:55-11:15 Coffee Break

Chair : Y. Morimoto

11:15-11:55 C .Mathonière, Photomagnetism in electron-transfer compounds
11:55-12:20 B.Gillon, Spin transition or (and) electron transfer in MoIVCu2 trimers ? A neutron diffraction investigation
12:20-13:00 C. Train, The fruitful introduction of chirality in molecular magnets

13:15-14:30 Lunch

14:30 Social Event 

25th May (Friday)

Chair : K. Boukheddaden

9:00-9:40 Y. Garcia, Spin crossover materials built from thermo and photochromic switches
9:40-10:20 J.A. Real, Bistable Hofman-like Spin crossover porous Metal-Organic frameworks
10:20-11:00 F. Renz, At the k-edge : strong-field complexes switched by green light (SF-LIESST) or hard X-rays (SF-HAXIESST)

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

Chair : H. Tokoro

11:30-12:10 JF. Létard, Nanoparticles of iron(II) spin-crossover materials: Molecular engineering and application in Molecular Electronic
12:10-12:35 S. Bonnet, Chemical design of molecular compounds with pre-defined spin crossover properties : dream or reality
12:35-13 :00 H. Wang, Modifications of Fe(II) macrocyclic complexes-one step further towards application

13:15-14:30 Lunch

14 :30 Social Event

Last update of this page : May 16, 2012

Invited speakers

Confirmed :
Kamel Boukheddaden
Eric Collet
Eugenio Coronado
Christian Enachescu
Eric Freysz
Yann Garcia
Andreas Hauser
Norimichi Kojima
Jean-François Létard
Corrine Mathonière
Seiji Miyashita
Yutaka Moritomo
Masamichi Nishino
Shin-ichi Ohkoshi
Sébastien Pillet
Jose Antonio Real
Franz Renz
Tohru Suemoto
Daniel R.Talham
Hiroko Tokoro
Cyrille Train
François Varret

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